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CRC Group rebrands Specialty Programs Division as Starwind Specialty Insurance

18th October 2022 - Author: Jack Willard

CRC Group has announced that its Specialty Programs Division will conduct business under the new Starwind brand beginning October, 18, 2022.

crc-group-logoCreated through the combination of CRC Programs and the acquired Constellation Affiliated Partners, Starwind will be among the largest program managers in North America, serving more than 10,000 insureds and writing more than $3 billion in annual premium across the company’s more than 30 brands.

Moreover, Starwind will still continue to develop innovative solutions and offer products across a wide range of different industries that includes, Transportation, Construction, Executive and Professional, Reinsurance, and more. Within these industries, clients gain access to unique, and niche products that are unavailable in the standard marketplace.

CRC Group noted in a press release that individual program operations will continue under their respective brand names at this time and the contact information for each program will not be impacted by the rebranding.

Bill Goldstein, CEO of CRC Group’s Specialty Programs Division, said: “Rebranding as one to become Starwind helps clarify that all of our combined experience and specialty insurance knowledge is available and working together to provide our clients with the broadest spectrum of niche products in today’s market.

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”The scope and scale of Starwind’s programs allow clients to benefit from the expertise within the Starwind brands to quickly find solutions that meet their needs.”

Dave Obenauer, CEO of CRC Group, commented: “Starwind will allow us to meet the specialty insurance needs of our clients in a more streamlined and unified way. It enhances the ability of our specialty programs team to work together, deliver solutions to our clients, and build on CRC Group’s commitment to growth, innovation, and effective collaboration that sets us apart in today’s insurance marketplace.”

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