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CyberCube names Jon Laux as VP, Analytics

31st January 2022 - Author: Katie Baker

Risk management firm CyberCube has appointed Jon Laux as Vice President, Analytics where he will oversee the company’s Actuarial and Cyber Risk Modelling teams.

handshake-close-up-photoHe joins from Aon where he held a number of senior roles over a 15 year period. Most recently he was Head of Cyber and Analytics , holding the position for over five years.

His other roles include Director of operations and Associate director and Actuary.

Laux will assume his role effective immediately, and will continue to be based in Asheville, North Carolina, United States.

A spokesman for the company commented: “Jon will be joining our leadership team to oversee our Actuarial and Cyber Risk Modeling teams.

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“His role will be paramount to creating a standard for cyber risk quantification through our models.”

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