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Hiscox sees opportunities at hard 1/1: Kathleen Reardon

11th September 2022

Kathleen Reardon, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Hiscox Re & ILS, has said that she sees “interesting opportunities” for her company at the upcoming January 1st renewals, as signs point to continued reinsurance price increases. Speaking in a recent interview with Reinsurance News, Reardon explained that “the direction of travel currently ... Read the full article

Premium rates remain up YoY despite monthly fluctuations: IVANS

9th September 2022

Premium renewal rates for major commercial lines of business remain up year-over-year, according to the latest edition of the IVANS Index, despite fluctuations on a monthly basis. All lines of business expect Workers’ Compensation were up YoY, the Index shows, with BOP and Commercial Property showing the highest average increases. Month-over-month, BOP ... Read the full article

Reinsurance pricing to remain strong regardless of benign hurricane season: Morgan Stanley

7th September 2022

Analysts at Morgan Stanley have said reinsurance pricing will remain strong regardless of a potentially benign hurricane season in 2022. The report notes there have been no hurricanes in the first half of 2022's Atlantic storm season, with only three named tropical storms. Morgan Stanley reviewed the list of landfall hurricanes on ... Read the full article

Reinsurance sector to benefit from rising prices & strong investment income: Moody’s

6th September 2022

According to a Moody’s Investors Service report, reinsurance earnings will be strengthened by increasing prices and higher investment income amid rising interest rates. Catastrophe losses and a heightened perception of risk following the pandemic have fuelled an increase in demand for both primary commercial and reinsurance property and casualty (P&C) protection, ... Read the full article

Changes in risk appetite & models skepticism highlighted by AM Best

1st September 2022

Rating agency AM Bests’ latest reinsurance market report highlights that the global risk environment is continuing to get more complex, notably with traditional nat cat models being subjected to renewed scrutiny due to the increase in the frequency of events in the last five years. These events are usually attributable to ... Read the full article

Reinsurance rates to increase regardless of cat activity: Fitch

26th August 2022

Analysts at Fitch Ratings have argued that reinsurance rates will continue to harden during the January 2023 renewals, even in the absence of significant catastrophe losses throughout the second half of the year. In a new report, the rating agency notes that, at $34 billion, H1 worldwide insured natural catastrophe losses ... Read the full article

Marsh Index shows moderating trend for pricing through Q2

2nd August 2022

Global commercial insurance prices increased 9% in the second quarter of 2022, down from an 11% increase in Q1, according to the latest Global Insurance Market Index by re/insurance broker Marsh. While this does represent the 19th consecutive quarter of increases, analysts note that the rate of increase continued to moderate ... Read the full article

Rate increases will persist and could be in “low double-digit” region – Berenberg

27th July 2022

Berenberg expects rate increases in 2H 2022 to persist in loss-affected lines and programmes where loss experience has been elevated in recent years - and forecasts these to be in the low double-digit region. Reinsurers have been able to obtain price hikes of 10-30% in programmes with poor loss ... Read the full article

Nearly all commercial lines pricing up through Q2: IVANS

22nd July 2022

Average premium renewal rate changes of nearly all major commercial lines of business remain up year over year, according to the latest edition of the IVANS Index while all lines increase month over month except Umbrella. The Q2 results showed that premium renewal rate change for all major commercial lines of ... Read the full article

Increasing signs a true hard market may be near, say analysts

21st July 2022

Analysts at JMP Securities have said there are increasing signs that a “true hard market may be near” in the property catastrophe reinsurance space, following the mid-year renewal period. The firm notes that the June and July renewals showed “some characteristics of a true hard market.” These included capacity shortfalls where underwriters ... Read the full article

Gallagher Re finds pricing in Florida market up by 50% in spots

1st July 2022

Gallagher Re’s latest mid-year renewals report has found that pricing in some cases in the Florida market has increased by up to 50%. The report found that reinsurers had continued in their efforts to de-risk portfolios and manage net PMLs. It also found that some had existed the Florida market completely. ... Read the full article

Economic pressures drive widespread rate increases at 1/7: Gallagher Re’s Vickers

1st July 2022

The pressures of inflation and rising interest rates caused reinsurers to remain cautious at the July renewals, which resulted in much less available capacity for buyers and higher prices across the board. This is according to James Vickers, Chairman International, Reinsurance, at Gallagher Re, who spoke to Reinsurance News about July ... Read the full article

Capacity withdrawal “bodes well” for reinsurance pricing: analysts

17th June 2022

Analysts at Morgan Stanley have said that widespread plans to pull back from the property catastrophe market should “bode well” for reinsurance pricing into 2023. Morgan Stanley says it has observed “many reinsurers” pulling back from the property cat market even as reinsurance capacity growth has returned to healthy levels following ... Read the full article

Premium renewal rates continue upwards trajectory: IVANS Index

17th June 2022

Nearly all average premium renewal rates for major commercial lines of business remain up year-over-year and increased compared to last month, according to the May results of the the insurance premium renewal index by IVANS, a division of Applied Systems. Year over year, the index shows that nearly all lines of ... Read the full article

Nat cat pricing momentum should last 2+ years: Swiss Re CUO

9th June 2022

Thierry Léger, Chief Underwriting Officer (CUO) of Swiss Re, has said that price momentum in natural catastrophe reinsurance lines should last for at least another 1-2 years at today's rate and potentially for longer. Speaking at the Goldman Sachs European Financials Conference in Rome earlier this week, Léger explained that Swiss ... Read the full article