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Insured loss from storm Hendrik-Ignatz (Aurore) seen at €311m by PERILS

2nd December 2021 - Author: Luke Gallin

Storm Hendrik-Ignatz, also known as storm Aurore, which impacted parts of north-western and central Europe from October 20th to 21st, is expected to drive insurance industry losses of €311 million, according to an initial estimate by PERILS.

Storm Aurore was driven by an unusually strong jet stream for mid-October with wind speeds of up to 250km/h and is the first significant extratropical cyclone of the 2021/2022 European windstorm season.

According to PERILS, the majority of the initial insurance property market losses occurred in France, Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg, with Switzerland and the Netherlands hit to a lesser extent.

PERILS’ loss estimate is based on claims data collected from the majority of the affected insurers.

The low-pressure systems associated with the event were named Hendrik and Ignatz by the Free University of Berlin, and it was named storm Aurore by the Meteo France.

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The unusually strong jet stream drove “low-pressure system Hendrik and its marginal low Ignatz across the Irish Sea and as far as northern Russia within only a two-day period,” explains the firm.

“A horizontal pressure gradient towards the southeast coupled with a passing cold front resulted in strong surface winds which predominantly affected France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.”

The Zurich-based provider of industry-wide catastrophe insurance data adds that while the wind field generated by the storm was extensive, gusts were not so extreme and rarely breached 120km/h in populated areas.

As a result, the insured loss was comparatively moderate and could be expected to be reached or exceeded at least once a year during the European windstorm season.

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