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Munich Re US (Life) launches new underwriting training programme

13th April 2017 - Author: Luke Gallin

Reinsurance giant Munich Re’s US (Life) division has announced the launch of a new underwriting training initiative, which includes an extensive and comprehensive library and information on financial underwriting.

The new training programme was officially introduced to almost 1,000 life insurance underwriters at the Association of Home Office Underwriters Annual Conference in San Diego, California, earlier in April 2017, and boasts a library of over 70 videos covering important risk factors in common medical impairments, non-medical avocations and emerging trends, says Munich Re.

The videos range from two minutes to five minutes in length, with each focusing on a single subject to offer a comprehensive overview, and are created and presented by Vice President, Underwriting and Medical, Bill Moore.

Moore commented; “We feel the personalization of the training videos will help clients put a face with a name and know who to reach out to with questions.

“Munich Re is committed to filling the training needs of our clients. These videos represent a step forward in providing easily accessible, concise information to underwriters, whether they are new and need basic training, or experienced and want a refresher. Regardless of experience level, these videos provide an effective tool for companies striving for consistent, high quality underwriting decisions.”

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The library is housed in the EDGE underwriting manual that is available to Munich Re clients throughout North America, explains Munich Re, and to accompany the extensive video library the training programme also includes a comprehensive section on financial underwriting.

Furthermore, Munich Re underwriters are continuously working to add new topics to the library, with current subjects covered including breast cancers, heart disease, elevated A1c, and sleep apnea, among others.

“Staying on top of emerging trends is a constant challenge for underwriters. Our library currently houses nine modules focused on emerging trends such as the use of Truvada® to prevent HIV infection, bariatric surgery, and medical and recreational marijuana use.

“I’m proud of the quality research our underwriters have done and their distillation of complex topics into easily understood, short presentations,” continued Moore.

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