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Cyclone Debbie to impact regional reinsurance pricing, Swiss Re tells Reuters

4th May 2017

Speaking to Reuters, David Cole, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of reinsurance giant Swiss Re, which reported a decline in Q1 net income today as a result of Cyclone Debbie, said the event was expected to impact regional reinsurance pricing. "Debbie in itself may not have an impact that is so ... Read the full article

Swiss Re’s Q1 net income halved as Cyclone Debbie losses hit

4th May 2017

Swiss Re's first quarter results show it's been a tough start to the year with net income halved from last year's Q1 $1.2 billion to just $656 million, these stark losses come after Cyclone Debbie cost the reinsurer $350 million in expected insurance claims. The annualised Group return on equity (ROE) ... Read the full article

Swiss Re adjusts its financial reporting

28th April 2017

Reinsurance firm Swiss Re is changing the way it reports its performance, adjusting the financial reporting it will deliver at the end of the first and third quarters of the year. The reinsurer said that by adjusting the "format and scope" of the financial information it reports at the end of ... Read the full article

Swiss Re hires Adrian Hall as CEO for Corporate Solutions in Canada

27th April 2017

Global reinsurance firm Swiss Re has announced the hiring of Adrian Hall, previously a member of the RSA leadership team, as the new CEO for the Canadian operations of its commercial insurance focused Swiss Re Corporate Solutions division. Adrian Hall will join Swiss Re Corporate Solutions as CEO Canada as of ... Read the full article

Swiss Re adds three new experienced leaders to Board of Directors

24th April 2017

Reinsurance giant Swiss Re has revealed the addition of three new members to its Board of Directors, the re-election of all proposed Board Members, as well as an increase in regular dividend and a new public share buy-back programme, all approved by its shareholders. Swiss Re shareholders have approved the proposed election ... Read the full article

Swiss Re’s Cyclone Debbie losses reveal Australian market share growth: Deutsche Bank

24th April 2017

Swiss Re was hit with a lion’s share of $350 million Cyclone Debbie losses in Q1, after the firm expanded its Australian market share to nearly double its 2011 size, said Deutsche Bank analysts in their Q1 European reinsurance market report. The $350 million Cyclone Debbie blow reveals a Swiss Re ... Read the full article

Swiss Re, GOQii & Max Bupa partner to meet changing health coverage needs in India

21st April 2017

Global reinsurance giant Swiss Re has collaborated with India's Max Bupa Health Insurance and GOQii to develop and integrate "holistic wellness offerings" that meet the changing health coverage demands of Max Bupa's customers. Indian health insurer Max Bupa, a joint venture between Max India Limited and Bupa Finance plc UK, announced ... Read the full article

Swiss Re sets up Singapore reinsurance entity to be Asian HQ

18th April 2017

Global reinsurance firm Swiss Re has established a legal entity in Singapore which will also serve as its Asian headquarters, as it strengthens its commitment to providing reinsurance solutions across the Asia region. The new Singapore company, Swiss Re Asia, will be wholly-owned by Swiss Re Ltd., the Zurich based parent ... Read the full article

Technology – shifting global awareness and perception of re/insurance: Swiss Re

13th April 2017

Swiss Re’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Reinsurance, Moses Ojeisekhoba, has pointed to “encouraging” signs that technology is shifting global perception and awareness of insurance, as it simultaneously transforms the industry’s products into shorter-term, bite-size, and more cost-efficient solutions. Ojeisekhoba suggested people’s perceptions of insurance and its use is the “most important thing ... Read the full article

Swiss Re pegs its cyclone Debbie loss at $350m

13th April 2017

Global reinsurer Swiss Re has estimated its own loss due to tropical Cyclone Debbie in Australia at US$350 million net of retrocessional protection and before tax, with the firm taking a larger share of commercial insurance losses than in similar events in the past. Swiss Re also estimates the insurance industry ... Read the full article

Strong growth for UK group life market: Swiss Re

12th April 2017

The latest Group Watch report from reinsurance giant Swiss Re shows solid growth in the UK group life market, with 520,000 newly covered members in 2016, taking the number of people covered by Group life schemes to beyond 12 million. "This year's results paint a very positive picture at a difficult ... Read the full article

Urbanised Latin America – highly vulnerable to climate risk: Swiss Re

11th April 2017

With climate change ramping up the heat on emerging markets already vulnerable to natural disaster risk, the highly urbanised but marginally protected Latin America appears poised for increased economic and social fallout - if the region fails to develop improved risk mitigation solutions. Martyn Parker, Chairman of Swiss Re Global Partnerships, ... Read the full article

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Brazil appoints Calheiros as CEO

6th April 2017

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, the commercial insurance arm of global players Swiss Re, has appointed Luciano Calheiros as CEO of its new Brazilian joint-venture operations. Luciano Calheiros will become CEO of Swiss Re's new commercial insurance joint-venture in Brazil as of 1st May 2017, succeeding Joao Nogueira, who is transitioning to ... Read the full article

Protection gap is not just an emerging market issue: Swiss Re

30th March 2017

Over the last 25 years, the schism between global insured and economic losses has been steadily widening, a factor that when combined with growing climate, cyber, and geopolitical threat, leaves a dangerous and costly protection gap both in developed and emerging markets. 2016 stats show fast-developing Asian economies were hardest hit; struggling ... Read the full article

2016 global insured losses at $54 billion: Swiss Re

28th March 2017

Global insured losses from natural disasters and man-made loss events in 2016 were set at $54 billion in Swiss Re’s latest Sigma study, nearly doubling insured losses from the year before. 2016 economic losses were at $175 billion, up from $94 billion in 2015, according to the Sigma study - making last ... Read the full article